COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – A winner has been declared in Columbia County’s inaugural “Christmas Light Fight.”

The competition saw folks from across Columbia County show off their best Christmas decorations.

The winners were the Smith family of Evans. Their display consisted of roughly 65,000 lights, music, and more.

“There are lights covering the yard from left to right, from top to bottom, and they’ve just done a great job. They’ve got inflatables, they invite you to go take pictures in their Santa sleigh, so it’s just a great out for your whole family,” said Columbia County Public Relations Manager, Cassidy Harris.

“I’m excited, I’m super excited. I just had a lot of turn out and everyone supported me. It was awesome just to see them come down and say I was a winner. All the kids went crazy. It was just a good feeling. I’m still on cloud nine right now,” said Light Fight winner, James Smith.

James Smith has been putting up Christmas light display for five years now, but he doesn’t set it up alone.

“My whole family’s on board. My wife does all the programming for the music, so she’s working all throughout the year. My kids get involved…some of the neighbors. I have friends of the family that come over. It’s a lot of support,” said Smith.

James Smith’s Christmas light spectacular isn’t just about putting on a show. His wife has worked at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia for over 15 years now. Since the lights draw a crowd, the Smiths decided to put up a donation box to give people the chance to support a good cause.

“Just knowing that it’s going to the kids just means that much more and the people that help us, we get them together and buy the toys and deliver at one time during the Christmas season, and so all the kids in the hospital get toys this year,” said Smith.

The Smiths plan on defending their title next year.

“I love it. It’s just a good feeling and I just hope everybody in the CSRA knows that we do this from the bottom of our heart, for everybody out there, just to bring smiles to the kids faces and so everybody can come out here and enjoy it,” said Smith.

To see the Smiths house and others that participated you CLICK HERE.