Columbia County Board of Education holds first of three public meetings to discuss millage rate


Each year, the tax assessor evaluates properties in Columbia County.

Many times, homes go up in value.

“When there’s a reassessment of properties and  values go up that same millage rate that we set causes the property owner to pay a little more.”

And some homeowners don’t mind paying the price for a good cause.

“It’s ok if you’re talking about the money going to the school,” said Homeowner Jeannette Loop.

“So, for property owners in our area who have experienced an increase in property value, the same 18.3 mills that we’ve had for the past three years is what we’re recommending to our board,” said Carraway.

There will be three public meetings where the superintendent will explain what a millage rate is, property assessments and why it will be recommended to the board to not roll back the millage rate, but instead maintain the 18.3 rate so the school system can provide the best quality education possible.

“So, from year to year when you consider what it takes to run a school district, to provide busses, safety, any kinds of improvements to facilities, those things that cost money. The more families that move in, the more children who come, the more it costs to have a quality education,” said Carraway.

“That’s really important. You know, our kids are our future,” said Loop.

Two other public meetings will be held.

One will be held at Greenbrier High School on the 13th at 6p.m.

The other meeting will be held at the Board of Education at 6p.m. on the 24th.

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