Columbia County administrators go through active shooting training


School is just a few weeks away from reopening its doors to students.

Educators in Columbia County want to make sure your kids are safe while they’re in school.

“Our schools are safe but we want to make sure we are doing everything possible in the front end, to be prepared should something evil come our way,” Assistant Superintendent, Penny Jackson.

So administrators from all schools in Columbia County participated in a two-day active learning course.

The course is called “ALICE.” Jackson says it to prepare the school to take action if an active shooter enters the building.

“it just gives us as many people we can have in a building should harm come our way; that’s trained and know how to respond, explained the assistant superintendent. More importantly, they can work with our students and staff throughout the year on ways that we can counter.”

Lessons included barricading a door; or if students and staff encounter the shooter, to throw something at the person to distract them.

Jackson says after the course they are hoping to open the eyes of educators just in case they are forced to make split-second decisions regarding student safety. 

“Arming our teachers with options when given the circumstances, how they might respond,” said Jackson. “How they might train our kids to respond as well.”


After the course, the Administrators from all schools will take a test to be certified.

The certification will allow them to go back to their respected school and demonstrate what they learned in their crash course. 

Safety Officers in each school will have their active shooting training before school starts.

The practice would make the officers the first line of defense if a threat were ever to happen. 

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