Columbia Co. garbage man creates illegal landfill in Richmond Co., allegedly


It’s time to be cautious of where your trash is being disposed.

As the Richmond County Marshal’s Office searched for illegal dumping around town, they found a violator, who happens to be a garbage man himself, allegedly.

On his private property in Richmond County, there’s trash cans everywhere. The place is basically a landfill, but it’s not permitted to be a landfill. Officials say that it appears a man who is a waste hauler in Columbia County is servicing their customers there, bringing their trash all the way to Richmond County.

For Code Enforcement Coordinator, Shawn Rhodes, the biggest problem “is all this trash, and mattresses, and stagnant water, and broke down vehicles and I mean, I can see trash until I can’t see anymore.”

Beyond the trash cans, and mattresses, and broken down vehicles, this privately owned property is already in violation with code enforcement’s property maintenance requirements.

“If you’re going to service waste in Columbia County, which he is licensed to do, it doesn’t need to come back to Richmond County. It needs to go to the landfill,” says Rhodes.

Officials say not only is he illegally dumping trash around his lawn, but one crime can lead to another.

“If this were coming from my cousins house, and we come out here, and we investigate it, and I find my cousins trash out here with her personal information in it, that could be an issue ,” says Rhodes.

Rhodes says they are investigating whether he is using this property for business purposes, which is also illegal.

“Waste haulers carry a permit called ‘Permit By Rule,’ which is issued to the state of Georgia, the EPD, and we are going to be making contact with them to see what issues they may have ,” says Rhodes.

She says the man own a private waste company. She says this is why they suspect the waste to come from that area, but it is still under investigation.

“We don’t suspect that he’s under our city contract for trash service, but they are still going to have concerns with the waste being handled in this manner ,” says Rhodes.

The lawn risks extreme health concerns. There is even an abandoned house hidden behind the trash cans, which Rhodes says will be taken care of.

“The house has been condemned and they are seeking an order for demolition from the courts ,” says Rhodes.

This is still an ongoing investigation.

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