Coliseum Authority to meet for first time since arena straw poll


The James Brown arena is located downtown, and Augusta primary voters said last month that’s where they want  it to stay. 

 The Authority should definitely leave it downtown,” said Carol Bennett. 

“Will of the people we voted we spoke  and do what the people want, ” said Sue Nance. 

The Coliseum Authority meets Tuesday for the first time since primary voters rejected Regency Mall for the  in favor of downtown.

But Coliseum Authority Chairman Cedric Johnson doesn’t expect the board Tuesday to take  a new vote on the arena location. 

   “We need to make sure that everybody’s  buy in and that everybody feels comfortable on the authority in the direction we’re ready to go,” said Johnson.

 As you read the vote does the location need to be  downtown is that how you read it?”

 “That’s how  I read the vote,” he said. 
For months the community has been fighting over the arena location this has prevented the James Brown arena folks from going to the  public to sell the benefits of a new arena, but that now can change. 

“To give the public a full education on what something new could look like location is a factor and I think this community there was some feed back when it came 
to the location,” said Chris Bird, the General Manager of the James Brown Entertainment Complex. 

 “You haven’t had an opportunity to educate the public have you?”

 We not we have not had that opportunity but George That’s one of the things we’re looking forward to and kind of at this meeting we will put our best foot forward to get that information out,” Augusta,” said Johnson. 

 ” I think they need to leave the James Brown downtown should they act? right now they should act yes we’ve been dealing with this for long enough,” said Bennett. 

We talked to one Authority member who voted for the Regency site last year who says she will change her vote for downtown to follow the will of the people and move forward.

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