Col.Co. Open Container Ordinance in effect for almost two years, who knew?


Lots of new entertainment options are opening up in Columbia County. So, is it okay to grab a drink at one place and take it with you to another?

The Open Container Ordinance has been into effect since before Your Pie’s grand opening, but they say it wasn’t until recently that they had their first customer know exactly why they sell their alcohol in plastic cups.

NewsChannel 6’s Jenna Kelley asked customers, “did you know that Evans Towne Center Open Container laws are already in effect?”

One customer said, “I had no idea.”

Customer, Mario Pena, says he “did not know that. That’s actually a great thing just to hang out with friends around this area.”

In fact, it’s been adopted since February 6, 2018.

Assistant Manager of Your Pie, Jenna Thorn, says, “we’re the first ones to serve food in general around here, let alone alcohol. So, I think, like I said, you don’t generally associate coming to a restaurant just for drinks.”

That’s because of the Columbia County bar ban. Fifty-percent of gross sales must come from food. Commission Chair Doug Duncan would consider a change.

“Under the right circumstances, but I can’t say what those are because you deal with each situation individually as it comes forward,” says Chair Duncan, “and I know there have been discussions about it but there have been no changes.”

However, outside consumption is here within the parameters bounced west by Evans Towne Center Boulevard, north and east of North Belair Road, and south by Evans to Locks Road. The ordinance prohibits establishments at a distance of 100 yards to a church, and 200 yards to a school building, county park or playground, or alcoholic treatment facility.

“We are only able to serve in plastic cups just on the off chance that someone does walk out with it, you know, that doesn’t reflect back on us. So, we don’t have any glass at all in store,” says Thorn.

These cups must have logos on them. Each customer is allowed one drink per person, per order. Which for the customer that did know about the ordinance… wasn’t a problem.

“We had one guy who was with a bunch of smaller children and he came in to get a beer and was like, ‘this is awesome thank you guys so much. It allows me, you know I just went right across the street, come back and hung out at the Christmas park,'” says Thorn.

It’s really an exciting time at Evans Towne Center with the Performing Arts Center opening come up 2020 and more businesses coming to The Plaza. But before you take your cup outside of the restaurant it is advised that you drink responsibly.

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