AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A local boxer lends his inspiring talents to the community. And that’s good news for young people in our area. 

At May Park Community Center, Lucius Robinson- aka “Coach Rome”, has started a free boxing program aimed at helping young people overcome obstacles and empower themselves in life.

“It’s great to learn the skill set of boxing,” said Coach Rome, a USA amateur boxing trainer. Because it’s going to teach you discipline, self-respect and for others. And you can take it along the way throughout life.”

Coach Rome got into boxing when his son, Doc, started boxing class nearly 20 years ago.

“Boxing is like a lifeline to me,” said Doc Robinson, who started boxing at the age of five. “It’s given me everything. As far as discipline, intellect, just learning how to respect others- treat others how I want to be treated.”

Coach Rome and his son dedicate their time throughout the week to offer free boxing classes.

Parents like Mario Windley say bringing their kids has been a valuable experience.

“If you want to raise men, you put them around men that you want them to emulate,” said Windley.

Coach Rome tells us he’s seen boxing transform kids who bully into protectors of their peers. 

He’s also seen it help with their focus.

“They work hard for three minutes,” said Coach Rome. “That means you’ve got to be mindful of what you’re doing for those three minutes. So, that’s mindful meditation right there.”

Coach Rome and his son tell us that, as their classes continue to grow, they will keep growing their program.

“Like I tell anyone that asks me, ‘why do you do it, why do you do it’, it’s just because I relate so closely with the kids,” said Doc.

“It continues to build my confidence,” said Caleb Christie, who started boxing at age 13.

“I learned some respect, maturity,” said Ray Dunbar, who started boxing at age 12. “And I just learned that all the way, by boxing. That’s why I love it so much.”

“Everybody that I see is afraid of the sport of boxing. It takes a lot of guts to climb through those ropes,” said Coach Rome. “But I can promise you, once you do it, the confidence that it will give a kid is just unbelievable. I’ve seen it time and time again. We’ll have kids come in nervous, getting bullied. After they learn the skill set of boxing, all of that changes.”

Classes are offered Tuesday through Friday from 5pm to 6pm, with Saturday dates to be announced.

Boxing at May Park