Closed bars have no take out help


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) – These emergency declarations shutting down businesses considered non essential will do harm on Broad Street and elsewhere in Augusta. Some businesses will be a little more hurt then others.

Downtown is wide open for Mattie Mitchell now for her regular jogs. In the past, she would finish up by stopping in on some of the businesses.

“Oh different ones on the street, Nacho Mamas go in there sit down it’s different everything is on lock down,” said Mitchell.

On lock down, across the Garden City some five dozen drinking establishments, the bars.

“Bars are to close they cannot operate at all,” said Augusta Planning Director Rob Sherman.

Restaurants with liquor licenses are still operating however its carry out only. However, not only can customers take out food but the restaurants can also sell them some types of alcohol.

“They can’t sell liquor, they can sell beer and wine beer and wine has to be in a sealed container so basically an unopened bottle of beer or a bottle of wine,” said Director Sherman.

“So as a restaurant serves a meal, they can also serve beer and wine.”

“Yes,” said Sherman.

Restaurants are selling beer and wine take out. But you can’t do take out from a bar.

“No, no you can’t,” said Sherman.

“I think the bars are taking a harder hit than the restaurants. At least with the restaurants they’re still making money so you can come in and get your take out and you can still get something to drink,” said Mitchell.

Under the Mayors declaration these business will be closed two weeks from Saturday under the Governor’s declaration its two weeks form Monday, at the very least.

In Augusta, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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