Climb Out of the Darkness event Saturday at Pendleton King Park


Postpartum depression is the number one complication after childbirth is for one-in-7 women…  and that’s something many of us have heard about or even experienced. 

But symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mood disorders can happen during pregnancy as well. many new moms are too afraid to talk about the emotions they’re feeling at a time that society says should be so happy.   

That’s why the Climb Out of the Darkness event is taking place this weekend, sponsored by local nursing students.

Gabrielle Taorimina is one of them.

“We want to make sure the community knows that we’re there for them, that we like to talk about these things with them,  and we want to be their support system.  So it’s going to be at Pendleton King Park and we’re going to be to talking with people about perinatal mood disorders — how they feel, what’s going on personally with them, and give them someone to talk to.”

The event this Saturday morning is free and there will be fun activities for the whole family.

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