Clean up begins after storm rolls through the CSRA


It’s remarkable what mother nature can do but sometimes it’s gut-wrenching to see the damage powerful storms can cause. 

On March 3, powerful winds and rain ripped through the CSRA.

“It’s knocked down numerous power lines, numerous trees blocking the roads. We have some people injured,” said Merriwether Fire Chief Joey Smith.

One of the most affected areas is along Martintown Road in Edgefield County.

“A lot of damage, we’re not sure what it was yet,” said Chief Smith.

The dangerous weather ripped gas pumps out of the ground at Sportsman’s Corner and caused a variety of other damages.

Chief Smith explained, “We’re still checking houses. Crews going down Woodlawn Road here to see what’s going on. Checking every house.”

NewsChannel 6 also found damage in Columbia County. Children’s toys and the family basketball hoop being destroyed. Roof shingles scattered all over the ground, and fences being toppled.

Back in Edgefield County, many people came to lend a helping hand.

“You wouldn’t believe the amount of volunteers that have come out with tractors. Unfortunately, we’ve lost a little bit of equipment in this event. We’re trying to re-group and get our teams back together and get back out and get on Woodlawn here,” said Chief Smith.

The people who were injured in Edgefield County were transported to area hospitals. It is unknown how serious the injuries are.

Due to storm damage, Edgefield County schools will be operating on a two-hour delay tomorrow.

No word on any other school closures or delays at this time.

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