City officials close to making Riverside Park deal


NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – NewsChannel 6 first told you last month the development of Riverside Park is delayed due to being over budget. Now city leaders in North Augusta are close to striking a new deal to get the ball rolling again.

“We’re close. You know when you’re in negotiations with a contractor, it’s not fair to go out there and name names at this point,” said North Augusta’s Director of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Rick Meyer.

“A delay is probably inevitable you know dealing with city and city money etcetera. So I know Todd and all the guys over at the city are going to get it done before the end of the year,” said Southbound Smokehouse Co-Owner George Claussen.

Thousands of people in the CSRA are excited about what’s coming to North Augusta’s riverside village, especially George Claussen.

He said, “To have the city building an amphitheater right in front of a restaurant it just works out. We’re going to be booking that day in and day out.”

You have probably heard about what’s coming to the riverfront near SRP Park. A brand new park dubbed Riverside Park with a more than 600 seat amphitheater. Which may bring in world-renowned talent and artists right here at home.

“It can be used for more local in town talent. High school band concerts, local artists who want to perform. It’s an opportunity where folks can go down during their lunch hour and you can eat outside, get you a lunch or bring your own lunch, sit in the amphitheater and just relax and enjoy the scenery,” said Meyer.

Meyer also said noise at the coming amphitheater shouldn’t be any louder than the fireworks that are lit after the Greenjackets’ games. There is also a curfew for activity in the area.

As for the rumored splash pad at the developing park, it’s going to be something different.

“A fountain feature that will also maybe gives kids, younger kids, the opportunity to maybe run through some water. Not quite a splash pad but something that resembles it. We want the amphitheater park at Riverside Village to be something special,” explained Meyer.

Claussen added, “Once that gets done I think we’ll really see the full capacity of what we can actually do in this area so I’m more excited probably more than anybody in this town that this amphitheater is being built.”

City officials say they hope to have the amphitheater done by Masters next year.

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