AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF) – As city leaders prepare for the Master’s Tournament in April, NewsChannel 6 wanted to know what special preparations are in place when it comes to cleaning. One area we know has become an eyesore is the I-20 Bridge on Washington Road.

“It’s not just on Washington Road, there on the 15th street, I mean there all around the city of Augusta,” said Founder of the Freddie Mae Foundation, Christopher Mulliens.

The foundation works with homeless and low-income families. He says around the first week of April many of the area homeless are forced to move from areas they frequent.

He says, “Because I think of humanity more than I think of a dollar, and I think we have to look at that. If we were in that situation would people look at us as a human being or just an object that you can move around.”

The Richmond County Marshal’s Office, code enforcement, and the sheriff’s office work to clean up some of those problem areas in the city, but they say it’s a year-round job.

“We don’t do anything special for the masters,” said Lt. Terry Norman with the Richmond County Marshal’s office.

Lt. Terry Norman with the Marshal’s Office says they specifically deal with the trash that’s left behind by the homeless.

“We do try to find the people who are responsible and hold them accountable,” he said.

That means issuing citations and that’s regardless of whether the person responsible is homeless or not.

“You are not free from being held to the standard of the law no littering is no littering, if you have trash throw your trash away,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

Commissioner Jordan Johnson, who also heads the city’s homeless task force says the homeless population is steadily increasing in Augusta, but confirms there aren’t any special plans in place to clean up the issue just because of Masters Week.

“No I don’t think there’s been anything particularly done for Master’s week as far as homeless people on Washington Road. In general the efforts to get people off the streets has been happening since the beginning of the task force,” he said.