AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Before Central EMS starts running calls in Augusta, city leaders say it’s time to know how much tax money the company will call for.

“It’s time for at least us to be able to report to the voters on where we are with the subsidy amount, seeing how especially with Gold Cross has tendered their official resignation,” said Mayor Garnett Johnson.

The city EMS subcommittee has met twice, but no discussion on how much Central EMS wants in a subsidy, prompting Commissioner Sean Frantom to place on the agenda for Wednesday a discussion on how much the company will charge.

“I think we have to start the discussion, I don’t think it’s good business not having it in place before they start on April 22,” said Commissioner Frantom.

The subcommittee has talked about housing Central EMS ambulances in city fire stations, using the city’s 911 center for dispatch, but no discussion of the subsidy.

“I think that’s what most of the commission is still waiting for is what is that number going to be. All I hear is all we’re going to concede to them to make it work,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Brandon Garrett.

The subcommittee has cancelled its meeting for Tuesday to begin closed door contract discussions with the company, but the committee chair says nothing will be presented to commissioners on Wednesday.

“We owe it to the voters to give them a number to see where it stands how much it’s going to cost, how it’s going to impact our budget, it’s time to have that discussion on how we can move forward,” said Mayor Johnson.   

The work on a contract is underway, but the price is still not known and when it is, will there be sticker shock for city leaders?