AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- City officials are hoping to  make Augusta feel like home for residents and those who come to visit.

The department of planning and development kicked off the first portion of their comprehensive plan process, getting input from people in the community.

 “With regards to where housing is located, street improvements, park improvements, infrastructure improvements; there is an opportunity that Commissioner is a hoping they take advantage of through the comprehensive plan process to talk about what they would want to see,“ said Carla Delaney, Director of planning and development.

Stations were set up with different scenarios  for the community to get involve and know what they can expect for the plan.

“A lot of times we hear about what they don’t like but there’s an opportunity for them to tell us what they love about Augusta, there’s a lot to love about Augusta. So that’s one of our second stations,” said Delaney

Residents got the chance to ask questions and bring forth some concerns. Delaney says there will be more meeting to come.

“The whole goal was to have them talk to us not for us to tell them what they want. We want them to tell us what they  would like to see I think their questions are answered for today and one of the things I want to remind people of is that we’re going out into the communities and we’re having meetings in the community so we can have it up close and personal conversation about what each community is looking for” said Delaney

She also says funding like SPLOST will be important for this project.

“In this case, our infrastructure is typically done through grants and then SPLOST so SPLOST is typically running about a year and a half behind when you start the collection,” said Delaney.