AUGUSTA, Ga. – “I think it’s a great place for the community.It’s a great place to bring your family, it’s a place to come out whether you’re going to do boating or either fishing,” says Bobby Williams, Commissioner of the 5th District.

“For a lot of these children this is the first time they’ve even come to this park, even though it’s right here, a jewel here in Augusta, minutes from downtown,” says Amanda Heath, Juvenile Court Judge of Augusta Judicial Circuit:.

Peaches and Cream Foundation and Savannah River Keeper partnered together to give kids an opportunity to experience the lock and dam while getting their hands dirty to learn the basics of fishing.

“The inner city youth don’t get exposed to like fishing, going out on a boat, so I think it was a fun way to bring diversity together and bring them to the river to show them what Lock and Dam was about,” says Ella Butcher, Founder Chair Person of Peaches and Cream Foundation.

So they showed them new skills, like putting a line on the rod, casting, and even hooking a worm on for bait.

“Talking to the head of the Savannah River Keeper exactly what her job is and how she’s educating these children and people out here on specifically what they do, and then also looking at how to tie a knot from learning how to fish,” says William McClain, Fishing Clinic Participant.

While many in attendance were there to fish, some city and state leaders used this as an opportunity to talk about the importance of preserving the beautiful area and wildlife that comes with it.

“The pool is still very important for the economic vitality of Augusta, and I know a lot of people are working very hard to come up with solutions to maintain that pool and the recreational resource we have here,” says Jesse Stone, Georgia State Republican Senator.

“Events like this show that this is necessary here for our city. It’s something that’s a jewel that a lot of cities don’t have, and if we lose access to this, generations will miss out.” says Amanda Heath.