Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Based on last month’s election results the runoff for the mayor’s office appears to be neck and neck,now one of the candidates is making a major announcement of a development at Regency Mall, that some commissioners are saying that they did not know anything about.

Commissioner Dennis Williams likes what he hears about the Regency Mall development plans even though he and others did not hear heard about them before. 

“I don’t believe there was any prior knowledge, on our end, but working with the Economic Development Authority a lot of things have to be hush-hush,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Steven Kendrick chairs the Economic Development Authority and says someone working with the mall owners contacted him months ago about the proposal.

“We had those discussions over several months and I soon realized this could be a real game changer,” said Kendrick.

But not in the game has been the Augusta Economic Development Authority.

“There has been no role of the Authority we have had multiple conversations, but we have had no formal requests for our assistance by the owners of the mall,” said Cal Wray the Executive Director.  

But Commissioners say they have had no discussions about the project.

“This was the first time that many of us had heard of this, including people who are in positions that should have known about it,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

After finishing third in the mayor’s race Marion Williams endorsed Garnett Johnson in the runoff not Kendrick.

Williams says an announcement like this should be made by the city not a mayoral candidate.

“The process is you go to the Planning Director then they come to the commission with it none of that took place no commissioner signed off on this it just doesn’t pass the smell test,” said Marion Williams.

Now the Mall development plans are expected to go to the Planning Commission and eventually to the Augusta commission within the next six to eight weeks., Steven Kendrick saying there’s no guarantee this project will be built however he says on the campaign trail he will be talking about.