City Leaders promise answers to park tragedy


Augusta Citizens came before commissioners looking for answers surrounding the tragic death of 12-year-old Melquan Robinson last October in a city park.

“Answers will be provided once the final decisons are made, because you have to look into all aspects of it, investigate it from every angle to come up with a conclusion as to what happened,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

Activist Angela Harden and Dr Willie Rivers expressing frustration with city leaders response to the tragedy, and the three months of silence. 

“It’s a disservice to our community not to publicly address the tragedy. A child lost his life, why did this happen,” said Harden. 

City leaders are saying they did not provide the answers because right now they don’t have them.

“If we don’t have a definitive answer to give them, just tell them something, I don’t think we should do that. I think we have to be honest with the people. We hadn’t forgotten about them, it’s not over with yet,” says Commissioner Marion Williams. 

Mayor Hardie Davis says the city is not sweeping the incident under the rug, proposing the city will be forthright and transparent in communicating what happened when the investigations are completed. 

“We are not, as a city, hiding, ducking and moving away. We are moving pro-actively, trying to find all the answers. So again it never happens to anyone, to anyone else’s child,” said Mayor Davis.

“In going forward, I’m confident. I believe he is a man of his word, that they’re going to be more transparent, anybody who says we need to handle this a little different we can appreciate that,” said Harden. 

The Mayor suggests the city’s Administrative Services Committee look at creating a public safety task force for city parks. 

Harden says if city leaders had addressed the issue and taken these steps three months ago, the group would not have had to be at this meeting.

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