City leaders check out Lake Olmstead Stadium


Augusta leaders see for themselves the state of lake Olmstead Stadium.

Commissioners and staff taking part in a walking tour of the more than 20 year old ball park.

A recommendation in next year’s  budget calls for 200 thousand dollars to be spent to hold four concerts on site.

the Central Services Department says  a major make-over   of the stadium would cost more than 600 thousand dollars, but they say all the repairs do not have to be done at once. 

“Those dollars can be cherry picked as far as where the need maybe  it maybe the decking system it maybe painting it maybe some additional plumbing work so depending on what exactly the commission has in store for this particular facility will determine how much it will cost in the end,” says Central Services Director Takiyah Douse. 

commissioners have voted to designate the Lake Olmstead site for a future amphitheater..
but there’s still a questions of whether the old stadium would be converted.. or torn down to make way for a new facility. 

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