AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – It’s been two months since a car crashed into this Emily Tubman monument …. For weeks fragments laid everywhere across the grass area.

It’s now been cleaned up , but some say, that’s still not enough.

“Emily Tubman was a very influential lady for Augusta she obviously did a lot for Augusta and I think having her monument back up represents a part of Augusta, ” said Kimberly Masters, witnessed incident.

Kimberly Masters witnessed the incident when a car came speeding into the Emily Tubman monument in August and demolished it.

She says the statue should be replaced, although it was an accident. And others are backing up this claim.

“So from what I understand they went after the person who hit the monument they went after the insurance and from what I understand they were able to get that to help with the cleanup and I’m happy that the fragments have been removed, but I just don’t want to see them disappear into a warehouse or anything, ” said Kevin De L’aigle, Community Activist.

De L’aigle says for months, he’s been pleading with city leaders to replace the monument.

He appeared in front of commissioners before but says he hasn’t received any real answers about the replacement.

De L’aigle is planning to speak to commissioners again… In hopes something will be done.

“We’re trying to get more answers were putting together an advisory board to work with parks and rec to make sure that the median on Green Street is maintained. “

But how long will it take?

“I know it takes time nobody is rushing for it to be done but I just think it’s important for it to happen.” said Masters.