Church to launch prayer hotline


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – During this time of uncertainty, a local church hopes to be just what some people might need.

Churches are closed for the most part and for some people, getting prayer may be a challenge.  But as people deal with this pandemic, Trinity on the Hill United Methodist Church wants to make sure you’re covered.

“We’re all in our houses, we’re kind of stuck. And I got to thinking what do people need,” said Senior Associate Pastor Rev. Gregory Hatfield.

We sit at home watching positive COVID 19 cases across the two state and globally rise.  Some people may even have loved ones impacted.  Jobs are gone or have transformed to a work at home situation and we have no where to go for entertainment. But Rev. Hatfield told NewsChannel 6 he got an idea after receiving a phone call while visiting with someone in the hospital.

“I just put her on speaker phone and I said we’re all here at the emergency room and we’re getting ready to pray,” he recalled.  “I thought I was going to pray, but she was the one who prayed even over the phone.”

That’s when Rev. Hatfield decided to launch a prayer hotline at the Trinity on the Hill for the public.  It goes live this Thursday.  A team of more than 30 volunteers who are already at home will be on hand to simply pray with people facing a tough time.

“They may be in the medical community.  They may be waiting for results for COVID-19.  They may be scared to death or elderly,” he said.

The pastor wants to stress that the prayer hotline cannot give medical advice or help with utilities.  All the volunteers can do is pray with you. And they want to know your deepest concern in hopes of making a change.

“We hope that God will use it to comfort people during this craziness,” said Pastor Hatfield adding that the hotline takes care of the situation right now and he will see where it goes.  

You can begin calling today, that number is 1-877-V19-Pray

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