AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- For Christians, Good Friday is part of holy week, the day Jesus died on the cross. For the Alleluia community in south Augusta, ‘a way of the cross’ walk representing the crucifixion ahead of Easter Sunday.

We have maybe  dozen different churches and denominations represented here  where we can all gather together and witness for Christ the price Jesus paid for us” said Bob Garrett, coordinator for Alleluia community.

Hundreds of people walked the streets holding crosses on their shoulders and  included four different churches starting at Burns Methodist church than stopping at  Hillcrest Baptist church to sing songs and worship. The walk ended at St. Joseph catholic church on Lumpkin Road.

Executive coordinator Bob Garrett says it’s an opportunity for all denominations to come together and worship ahead of what Christians know as resurrection Sunday.

“For Christians it’s important because we are all one we have different expressions of our faith even here catholic Lutheran Methodist Baptist, we have Pentecostal members and others that are members of our south Augusta’s pastors alliance” said Garrett.

Garrett tells WJBF, they do this event every year and he’s thankful the Augusta community can unify together during this time in history—that’s so full of uncertainty because to the COVID pandemic, war and inflation.

“We have a significant common ground and that is our unity in Christ Jesus and we have different styles and other things that we do but those don’t have to divide us they can unite us and this is an expression of that unity “ said Garrett.