AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Children’s Hospital of Georgia is seeing more kids this time of year and doctors report it’s a case of an increase of multiple viruses behaving differently.
NewsChannel 6 spoke with Dr. Indgrid Camelo, CHOG’s Pediatric Infectious Diseases expert. She said, “It seems like the combination between all of them makes children much more sicker.”

The folks at CHOG said it’s RSV, influenza and COVID all making kids sicker than before. Dr. Camelo told us people wore masks during the pandemic and that practice has changed, impacting children.

She added, “We know that RSV tends to be aggressive in children less than one year of age. So, those are the children that we have to protect at home with good hand washing, breast feeding, isolating them, making sure that people that are sick are not around them.”

She also said there is no vaccine for RSV and flu vaccines are down.

“We had at some point an influenza positivity rate in pediatrics of 47 percent. That is insane. We know that in infectious diseases we have not seen that before.”

Dr. Camelo added that children born prematurely are also at risk for RSV.