Child Luring Bill 3064


Aiken Department of Public Safety is looking for this man. 
He is accused of trying to entice little kids with money.

Officers say he was caught in two separate incidents at depatment stores on Whiskey Road.
 ​​​​​​​”I have no pity on someone who would do those type of things to a child,” says Bill Hixon. 

He plans to sponsor legislation that would make it a punishable crime to do this. 

“As a parent I can only imagine what would happen if somebody number one was to lure in one of my children. In today world of human trafficking and all that we got going on, we need to make sure that all laws are available for law enforcement to protect our children.”

South Carolina state representative Lee Hewitt created House Bill 3064. 

It will allow law enforcement to make luring a child an offense and give a reason to prosecute. 

The Bill recognizes a child as anyone under the age of eighteen. 

The first offense for someone trying to entice  a minor will be found guilty of a misdemeanor. 

The second offense– is a misdemeanor to but with more jail time and a higher fine. 

The third– is a felony. ​​​​​​​

“When the lawyers look at it they will vet it and look at it but i will tell you that the way it is written… it’s strong and a felony on your record is something that will ruin it for the rest of your life.”

Governor Henry Mcmaster will have to approve sign, in order for it to become law. 
But State Representative Hewitt says this is something that will only get worse with time.

“Talk about it with your local law enforcement and your local legislature, lets see if we can close this lope hole,” says Lee Hewitt.

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