Child Enrichment accepts clothing donations of all ages for Closet Program


Holiday season is around the corner and it’s time to take those old clothes off the hangers and give back to the community.

Child enrichment provides a donation closet service accepting clothes of all ages.

568 kids received 5 sets of clothing just last year. So, they through clothes just as quickly as they get them.

Child Enrichment’s Executive Director, Kari Viola-Brooke, says, families receive 5 sets of clothes per clothing order. Each set goes to children who have been neglected, abused, or in foster care.

“Think of a child coming into foster care, a child that doesn’t have clean, neat clothes to where to school. We need clothes for them,” says Viola-Brooke.

It’s not just children’s shirts, shorts, and shoes, but also adult clothes that the closet is in need of.

“We also work with other agencies. So, sometimes Safe Homes or Hope House may put a clothing order in and our volunteers will take their order, and they’ll put it together and say ‘hey for the smith family, your clothes are ready,’ and they’ll come and pick it up,” says Viola-Brooke.

The clothing closet program is all volunteer based. Volunteers will go through the dropped off bags and sort through each item.

“One of our huge, huge needs are shoes, bigger size shoes for our teenage boys and girls, and then also we need new underwear and socks,” says Viola-Brooke.

Most items can be gently worn, but items like underwear have to be brand new. It’s more than just clothing that Child Enrichment donates. They also accept toiletries.

“We’ll have children that don’t have any shampoo or tooth paste or things like that when they are in foster care or just a family that is in need so we’ll give them those donations as well,” says Viola-Brooke.

Child enrichment is providing a completely free service and it all goes straight to children and adults who may only have on set of clothes.

“We’re here to make a difference in these families lives that have been through horrible situations and if it can be something as simple as giving them clothes to wear, then that just makes it all worth it,” says Viola-Brooke.

Volunteers are here every Tuesday and Thursday, but you can donate clothes Monday-Friday. Here is their phone number: (706) 737-4631

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