Check your bottled water if you received any from a recent water drive in Denmark


DENMARK, S.C. (WJBF) — A water distribution drive was held in Denmark, South Carolina Sunday, September 13 where hundreds of residents turned out to receive water.

The water drive held by Denmark Citizens for Safe Water was thanks to the South Carolina Emergency Management Division. The organization donated 48,000 lbs. of bottled water for the area.

Now some residents are saying the water they received is not of quality.

“Number one, I was very grateful that the residents came directly to us so that we could rectify the issue immediately,” Founding member of Denmark Citizens for Safe Water Deanna Miller Berry said.

We’re told after notifying the South Carolina Emergency Management, plans were set in motion to have the situation rectified. The agency secured 18 pallets of freshwater for residents to be distributed this Friday.

“Who knew water expired before the expiration date? The expiration date on these bottles was for September 20, 2020, so they didn’t break any law or any rules by issuing. There there were several batches of bad water and it happens. We just wanted to make sure we right a wrong and inform the public,” Berry added.

SCEMD also issued the following statement:

SCEMD recently donated 48,000 bottles of water that were distributed to residents of Demark. A portion of that donation may have expired before the printed expiration date.
We recommend discarding any bottles of water that may appear discolored or contaminated. Another shipment of water is being coordinated at this time.
SCEMD will be examining all emergency supplies to ensure they are safe for residents. SCEMD follows all state and federal regulatory standards for the proper storage and handling of bottled water. Products are routinely inventoried and rotated.

The new water will be delivered on Friday, September 18 at 1 p.m. Residents will be able to get it at that point.

Volunteers are needed badly. You’re asked to meet at Denmark Furniture on Coker Avenue at 12 p.m. if you can help.

You can see the route for the water distribution on the Denmark Citizens for Safe Water Facebook page.

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