AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center is now giving veterans the opportunity to have same day healthcare services, when they can’t see their primary care provider for certain needs.

“It can be something simple like they were outside and they hurt their back or their head is hurting something where they can’t wait for that primary care” said Lt. Cassandra Mitchell, Nurse Practitioner.

The clinic is already offering  same-day services for mental health and outpatient care.

Lt. Mitchell says this service is important for veterans because it gives quicker access for healthcare needs.

“We have a lot of veterans that still want to see their primary care provider but just can’t get an appointment instead of coming to the ER for non-emergent access the same day clinic is a way for a veteran to come in the can be seen for something that’s not an emergent need but still needs tof get that primary care access” said Lt. Mitchell.

She also says there are no major requirements and the clinic is open to veterans Monday through Friday from 8-4pm

“There is no appointment needed however if the provider that does see the patient feels like hey you need a primary care appointment our MSA is here we’ll go ahead an schedule that so it’s an all encompassing  thing for our veterans “ said Lt. Mitchell.

Visit Augusta VA Healthcare for more information on the clinic.