GRANITEVILLE, S.C. (WJBF) — The former Graniteville Company mining site is now a golf course for Aiken County kids, teens, and college students.

“This game’s amazing,” USC Aiken Pacer Golf player Gage Weeks told NewsChannel 6’s Aiken Bureau Chief Shawn Cabbagestalk. “You’ll learn a lot, and golf has a lot to do with life as well. It’s not just a game,” he added.

The “Chalk Mine 9” golf facility will be the home of the Pacer Golf program and First Tee – Aiken.

“Our coaches, our volunteers, working with the young people, having opportunities to work with mentors, volunteers who maybe they wouldn’t have had exposure to, otherwise,” First Tee – Aiken Executive Director Heidi Hoffman said.

Graniteville Company’s old mining site was turned into a golf course by three local developers — collectively known as the “Three Amigos.

“We jumped in head first, and it was seven days a week from February of 2021 all the way until November,” designer/developer Gary Frazier said.

“We designed all the greens and built all the bunkers. We grassed it, and we grew it in. So it was a turnkey operation,” he recalled. “I get goosebumps really just being out here today. It’s been great to watch it come to life,” Hoffman added.

The nearly 40 acres include a nine-hole short course, putting greens, a driving range, and a temporary classroom.

“We would normally practice out to Palmetto and after class we would all go out there and practice,” Weeks said.

“This provides us with an amazing opportunity to expand our community programs. So we partner with local church groups, YMCA, and elementary schools to really introduce the game of golf to young people,” Hoffman shared.

A fund-raising campaign raised more than one million dollars for the project.

“I don’t want to get emotional, but what we’ve left behind when we’re long gone long gone is an incredible facility that will only get better with time,” Frazier said.

“It’s really nice to allow, have all these people here that give us this opportunity to have this amazing practice facility. I’m just thankful for everyone that has donated to us and allowed us to have this opportunity,” Weeks said.