CDC reports increased cases of Coronavirus in US, local doctors say not to worry


News of the increase in cases around the world and the CDC’s warning have local business owners and medical professionals paying attention.

Locally, doctors are saying not to worry. In fact, they are encouraging us to take this into account as if we would a respiratory infection that is treated on daily basis.

Cornerstone Academy Daycare Owner, Kathie Williams, says, “we are really looking to the CDC for more guidance on this because I don’t know the contagious level.”

In young kids, sickness can spread like wildfire, but with the c-d-c’s recent update on the Coronavirus, the majority of people that died are of an older crowd.

Chief of Division of Infectious Diseases at MCG, Dr. Jose Vazquez, says, “The majority of people that died have been individuals above the age of 60 and that have underlying disease.”

So far, there have been no documented deaths here in the United States, but the disease is spreading beyond China, where it was originally discovered.

“So, are we going to get Coronavirus? Yes, because we can’t stop everything from coming into the United States,” says Dr. Vazquez. “Are people going to be as sick or as bad? No, I don’t think so.I think it’s going to be like the flu. The influenza. Similar to that, or maybe even significantly less than that by the looks of it.”

Dr. Vazquez says it’s important to protect yourself by keeping your hands clean. If you feel sick, don’t hesitate to stay home, and have minimal physical contact during this season.

“I would recommend now, especially now is stop with the handshaking. We don’t need to shake hands with people. Recommendation, fist bump, elbow bump, no hand shaking at something we should do at this point in time, and that’s something we should do all the time,” says Dr. Vazquez.

Dr. Vazquez says he does not believe that any faciliities in the United States will shut down from this virus.

“I know things always start small and then if it becomes an issue, you know, we’ll just stay in tune with what the CDC is directing us and we’ll go from there,” says Williams.

There are Coronavirus preparedness teams that meet at a-u weekly. They are even going to produce an app, where if you feel sick, you will be able to call a nurse home to test you there or at a confined facility.

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