Cat Musgrove on Dolce Darlin’ and rebuilding a shattered life


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – March is Women’s History Month, in recognition of women’s vital role in U.S. history. Georgia ranks number five in the nation for greatest number of women owned businesses. One local entrepreneur, Cat Musgrove of Dolce Darlin’, calls the day her life shattered “dynamite day.” Her ex-husband, Jason Musgrove, was arrested and charged on federal child pornography charges. Instead of allowing this devastating event to ruin her life, she painted it an empowering shade of pink.

“If you know anything about my story or even if you don’t, there is nothing that you cannot do,” Musgrove said.

The pink house on Telfair Street is a cupcake and treat shop known as Dolce Darlin’. It’s the place Musgrove is rebuilding her life.

“We had a trauma in our family and a decision had to be made. I had to really weigh all the costs and effort and things like that to see if this was something I could move forward and make a true business,” Musgrove said.

She says she and her two children had 60 days of savings when they moved into the home. After extreme renovations, it’s now a staple of the area.

“Drive yourself forward. Don’t let any obstacle, any person, any piece that you’re missing that someone else has hold you back, because if I can stand in this house doing what we’re doing now, with a small staff and the ability to care for my kids when one year ago I would have never thought that was possible, then I honestly believe with enough drive and passion for what you you can do anything that you want,” Musgrove said.

Each room is filled with Musgrove’s personal touches, including a Princess Bride inspired room, which she says is a symbol of three unlikely heroes, her and her two children, going on a great adventure together.

Another room on the main floor is inspired by the Bluebird Café in Nashville, a place she says anyone can find their big break. She says the room reminds her that this home is the start of something new.

“We have the magnolia room, which we’re in right now with the pink fireplace behind me. It’s based off the movie Steel Magnolias. The whole movie talks about women empowerment and survival through trauma and tragedy and loving and supporting each other, which really has a solid place in our lives,” Musgrove said.

She says it wouldn’t have been possible to open the doors without the community’s support.

“I always say that this house is the house that we all built. It’s our house,” Musgrove said. “We had a ton of people in the community come out when it came time for renovations and things like that that just volunteered their time, people that had never met me before.”

With the exception of her teenage son, Musgrove employs an all female staff, and mentors young women who dream of becoming entrepreneurs.

“Anything that you decide you want to do, the only thing that’ll hold you back is yourself,” Musgrove said.

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