Casey is the newest employee at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia


Casey is the newest employee at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. She is a two-year-old Golden Retreiver. She serves as the second theraphy dog for the hospital following the paw prints of nugget.

“Having them here is really great because they make us feel better,” says Maya Jeffries

Maya Jeffries spends almost two weeks each month at chog for her son’s chemo sessions.She says she’s glad Casey will soon become a familiar face.

Seeing them in the hallway because you get excited just seeing them. It’s not a place you’d expect a dog to be.”

Thanks to the radiothon held last december, the hospital could afford to employ casey and her handler Macie Meeks, who shares the importance of having a theraphy dog.

“So for some kids it’s just that little comfort but we can also use these dogs just to help with the overall coping with the hospital like medical procedures and all the scary stuff,” says Macie, Casey’s handler. 

She says Casey has made improvements over the week as she gets more comftorable with all the new found fame. Those at the hospital agree that there are too many patients for just one dog and that casey is a great addition spreading more love and joy for those in their time of need. 

“It’s so exciting to watch these kids come in and their face lights up and they want to pet Casey and they want to love on her,” says Lee Ann Liska the CEO at The Augutsa University Medical Center. 

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