Canal repair completed


The Augusta Canal will soon be getting back to normal.

The water waywas drained so repairs could be made on a small leak in the bank upstream from the pumping station.

That work is finishing up so the next step will be refilling the canal, probably on Wednesday. 

That will not be as slow as draining it.

“It’s not as critical. The problem with draining is the soil is so saturated and heavy it will slough off. You don’t have that same problem when you’re refillng, so the filling should go a lot quicker,” said Utilities Department Director Tom Wiedemeir. 

Wiedemeir says the cost of the repair is in the $100-thousand dollar range, and that’s not including the costs of running the diesel pumps to draw water out of the river when the canal was lowered. 

The diesel burns 100 gallons a fuel an hour while operating. 

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