Canal draining will cost authority lots of money


Getting to the bottom of the Augusta Canal. As we told you before, the historic waterway is going dry.

It’s being drained to allow repair work to a leak along the canal bank.

The Auguusta Canal Authority uses water from the canal to produce electricity that is sold. 

So every day the canal is down…costs money. 

“We’ll lose about…they’re projecting three to four weeks…so it depends. If it goes four weeks, we’re looking at over four hundred thousand dollars of lost revenue,” said Dayton Sherrouse, Executvie Director.

So you don’t like to see the canal drained?

“I don’t like to see the canal drained,” Sherrouse agreed. 

Once drained, portions of the canal will need to be closed to visitors during the repairs. 

The cost fixing the canal bank is 75 thousand dollars.

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