Canal clearing will not be one time effort


Clearing brush on the Augusta Canal is not going to be a one time job.

As we first told you the Utilities Department is paying contractors $130 thousand dollars to remove the overgrowth and small trees along the canal bank in three different sections.

It’s for the canal’s federal licensing process, and allows for closer inspection in case of leaks.

As it grows back the city will  be required to cut it again but officials say it will not be as costly. 

“We will need to maintain it but our goal is have the contactor get it to a point now where our internal forces will be able to handle that it won’t be an exercise where we have to hire outside contractors we will want to maintain it ourselves, so it won’t be 130 thousand dollars very time, no sir not at all,” said Marie Corbin the Utilities Department Assistant Director for Enginnering. 

The work on all three sections should be finished by the middle of June. 

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