Canal boats dry docked


The popular  Augusta canal  tours are off, at least for a while. 

The two boats have been hauled out of the water and are on the bank, 

This is to allow for the five year Coast Guard inspection.

It  comes at a good time because the canal is going to be drained to make repairs.

But  the boat  tours run five days a week in the winter, so they’ll be   be laid up until the work is over.  

“We want them to minimize the down time as much as possible recognizing these kind of things you have to do them periodically so we’ll keep contact with them to try and have the contractor move as expeditiously as possible to get the water back in the canal,” said Canal Authority Executive Director Dayton Sherrouse. 

 Sherrouse says the boats could be out of action for three or four weeks. 

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