Canal bank getting a clean out


There’s a big clear cutting operation underway at the Augusta Canal. 

Crews are clearing brush, and including small trees from the canal bank  north of the pumping station.

The work is part of the city’s long time effort to get the canal federally licensed. 

But even with all the activity the  Canal path is staying open  to visitors.

 “When it gets done it’s going to be really a nice addition where lucky to have this it hasn’t impacted my run at all the people who work out here are real nice they wave you right on by they’re never really in the way,” said Johnny Thompson, who was out jogging on the canal levee. 

” You kind of scared going by he heavy machinery?

“No not at  all,” he said. 

The work is being required by the feds to make it easier to to keep an eye out for possible leaks in the canal bank…

there  are three phases to the project that  costs right at 130 thousand dollars. 

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