Campaign sign vandalism continues ahead of Election Day


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Election Day is almost here but campaign signs are still being destroyed in the CSRA.

“Here recently in the past probably four, five days I’ve kind of noticed a lot more it. Just the signs being pushed over or being moved to a less conspicuous place at a polling area,” said District Attorney Natalie Paine.

At the Henry Brigham Community Center in Augusta,  there are plenty of signs urging people to vote for a school board, congress, or district attorney candidate but many have ended up several over the fence or torn. 

Paine said, “That’s actually the second or third time that we’ve moved them at the Brigham Center. They keep getting put behind the fence kind of and we’ve actually moved them, I know once over the weekend, we put them back they were originally but they moved again.”

Paine added some of her signs have been cut too. She said, “They might cut like two or three straps because they know it will flop and kind of, I guess report it as wind damage. But you can tell the difference between wind damage and actual cutting.”

Last week, 28-year-old Michael Ivey was arrested for destroying campaign signs with a knife near the Brigham Center. Something Paine calls a petty crime.

She said, “And quite frankly a waste of time. The signs don’t vote. I just think its kind of stupid to be that emotionally invested, to be that competitive basically about the signs. It’s a dumb sign. I wish people would be a little bit nicer to each other and just leave the signs alone.”

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