AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Commissioner Stacy Pulliam believes changing the Augusta city charter is a serious matter, one that should require serious conversations with the people of Augusta.

“I want to see a study committee done because to me it’s very important we bring the citizens in on what’s happening so that they can make a well-informed educated decision,” said Commissioner Pulliam.

Mayor Johnson is pushing the effort to allow the charter change to be placed on the ballot to allow the mayor a vote, but he did not involve the entire commission in the process, that’s why some are backing the effort to have more discussions.

“I think we should have a review of the government we’ve been talking about it for years but going to Atlanta without communicating is just not the route to take especially since we’re able to do it at home ourselves,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

But supporters of the charter change did not support creating any study committee. 

“Truthfully, I don’t see a reason in doing a study, it’s just prolonging, pulling people. This is long overdue, I definitely want to see this work, should have been done a while back,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

The Administrative Services Committee did not recommend the call for more study on changing the city charger even though some committee members feel it’s the right way to go.

“I do think the community should weigh in on this, I think we should convene a study,” said Commissioner Francine Scott.

“I’m all behind 100 percent for having the mayor be able to cast his vote,” said Commissioner McKnight.

“You don’t do that you don’t just go to the legislature and ask for more authority, what you do is work with your colleagues,” said Commissioner Johnson.

But the call to have a study committee to look at changing the charter so far is not working out.