Calhoun Expressway name change defeated but not dead


Augusta Commissioners say ‘no’ to changing the name of a major city roadway.

Commissioners voted six to three against changing the name of the Calhoun Expressway to Veterans Expressway.

Commissioner Bill Fennoy is pushing the idea, saying Calhoun represents racism.

Some commissioners said the continued effort to change the name brings negativity to the commission and city but Fennoy says he isn’t going to stop.

“If Rosa Parks hadn’t been told, ‘You can’t sit right here,’ and she got up, we wouldn’t have had integration. If the first time black folks tried to register to vote, if we had not kept coming back, we wouldn’t have the right to vote we have now,” says Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

After the vote, Commissioner Fennoy says he has two years and eight months left on the commission and during that time he will continue to make changing the Expressways name an issue because something has to be done about it.  

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