HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WJBF) – “Buy a Tree, Change a Life” started in Florida and is an organization that sells Christmas trees to help children both globally and locally.

Oasis Church in Hephzibah is in its 8th season of the program. By participating, they’re able to make a difference.

“We have learning centers in Cambodia. Essentially, if you teach a Cambodian person English, you automatically move them to the middle class. They’re able to work in tourist industry… hotels, restaurants… That’s the global aspect of this. On the local side, we’re able to provide Christmas for families that would not otherwise have that. Backpacks, school supplies…we support our local schools in the area through ‘Buy a Tree, Change a Life’. We provide all the birthday parties at Hope House for the kids that are there with their moms as they’re going through the recovery process,” said Wesley Weatherford the Lead Pastor of Oasis Church.

Over the past seven years, Oasis Church has raised over $350,000.

“There’s no better way to give back to a community then to support a local opportunity like this because, more than anything, the people that we serve live right here in our community; they’re from Hephzibah and Burke County,” said Volunteer, James Epps.

“We get to help those we me never meet in other countries and I feel like there’s no better way than to be here. In this time of year, you’re going to spend your money on a Christmas tree anyways. So, come here and make a large impact for the children of our communities,” said Volunteer, Jennifer Braswell.

“If you want a tree that makes a difference this year, come to ‘Buy a Tree, Change a Life’, but get here quick.The really cool thing is that when that tree is long gone, when it’s dried up, when you burn it, throw it in the pond, when you put it on the side of the road to let the city come pick it up, all year long it’s making a difference in the lives of children which is pretty awesome,” said Weatherford.

“Buy a Tree, Change a Life” is open everyday 10am to 9pm.