Business owners say no to proposed affordable housing complex near Whiskey and Dougherty Road


AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) — The Whiskey and Dougherty Road intersection are well-traveled in South Aiken. If you’ve driven these roads, then you know that this part of town has a lot of traffic. Developer Woodford Trace SC LLC is requesting an annexation to build an affordable housing complex in the area.

“It can’t handle the traffic we already have,” said the Owner of Glass Works By Fishburne, Dan Fishburne. “Much less another apartment building, or any other development in the area.”

Business owners in the area tell NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, people use Owens Street to cut through the heavy traffic from the intersection. But they say if the city approves the proposal, businesses could be in a traffic jam.

“Traffic is good for business; congestion is not,” explained Fishburne. “I’ve already had customers call and say that they are not coming to my shop because I can’t get there because of all this construction.”

“When everyone walks in and complains because it took 20 minutes to get from the intersection where Pine Log and Whiskey Road are to here, it’s bad,” said Marsha Hopkins.

The Aiken Motorcycle Sales & Service Inc. has been on Whiskey Road for more than 40 years. Owner Marsha Hopkins says she has seen this side of town grow. But adding a 48 unit complex is a safety issue for citizens who are both driving and walking.

“It’s not going to be a positive impact on this problem that gets worse every year,” said Hopkins.

Even though the South Carolina State Housing Authority gives the location an A+ rating.

“You don’t need a traffic study to experience it,” said Fishburne. “Devin, you’ve already experienced it just coming here today, and this is a very quiet day. Friday at 5 PM come back, and experience the congestion.”

Aiken City Council will have the second reading for the Woodford Trace project on January 13th at 7 PM, in the municipal building.

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