Bus stop location racks up shopping carts


“You could always see between 25-35 shopping carts,” John Clark, District 10 Commissioner. 

Augusta Commissioner, John Clarke, is talking about the shopping carts left behind when Kroger shoppers who live in Harrisburg and downtown are picked up by city buses.

“Shopping then having to take their grocery cart and they pushed them all the way back across the street. six lanes of traffic plus turning traffic to the bus stop to go back downtown,” says John Clarke. 

The six lanes of traffic shoppers have to cross combined with no sidewalk leading to the Washington Road bus stop have raised safety concerns. We talked with one shopper who had to brave Washington Road. He says moving the bus stop is the right thing to do.

“it’s a lot dangerous coming across and then when the old ladies come across with the buggies you have to help them pick it up. So I think that was a good move. I like it and appreciate it,” says Stanley Pinelass, Downtown Augusta Commuter.

“When we read that Augusta is actually ranked number 20 in the United States as far as pedestrian vehicle fatalities, then we had to do something about this.” says John Clarke.

Clarke says he and several other leaders proposed moving the stop from Washington Road to Alexander Drive, where it will be on the same side of the street as Kroger.

“So the people shopping can get off the side of the road and catch the bus on this side of the road and not worry about traffic on Washington Rd,” says John Clarke. 

The relocation of the bus stop will also ease a burden for Kroger workers getting their carts from across the street.

“Shopping carts I’m sure Kroger would like not going across the street and getting them back over. And Kroger has been great about it. They’re a good partner here in Augusta, so I think it’s going to work out well,” says John Clarke.

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