Bus riders still wait for stored shelters


It’s been a year now January of 20-18 when we last reported of the status of the Jacksonville bus shelters riders growing frustrated because a majority continue to wait on their bus and no cover over their head expose to the elements. 

Jennifer Boston knows she’ll be on her feet when catching -her- bus, 

“It’s a long wait stand up you get back on the bus your will be tired you have to sit again either way you stand a long time,” said Boston.

 “How about the weather?”

 “It’s cold,” she said.

That’s the way  it us at the vast majority of Augusta bus stops  there’s not a shelter.  

 “Cold and windy especially in the rain you get wet trying to wait for the bus,” said bus rider Kenneth Garner.  

“Augusta bus service is not doing all the things it needs to do for the passengers consideration for the passengers standing in the cold raining day and stuff a lot  of places not a shelter,” said bus rider John Paul Jones. 
“I understand they got them but they never put them out some areas they need them really bad,” said Garnder.

In 2017 Augusta worked a deal with Jacksonville Florida and got three dozen used bus shelters at no charge, but after all this time the shelters are not on the street, they’re outside in storage. 

 “There’s plenty of stops that don’t have a shelter for people to stand especially when it’s raining it’s just uncalled for,” said Jones.

Augusta’s plan wasn’t  to get the shelters on the street right away but to go out for bids to repair them first.  that has  proved  easier said than done. 

“Told me that it would cost more to repair those then buy new ones when who ever looked at those I was excited because I thought we had something coming back we paid to go down there and get them bring them back now we got them sitting here we got to get rid of them throw them away,” said Commissioner Marion Williams. 

The city does have 650 thousand dollars in SPLOST money for bus shelters but it appears those dollars will be going into buying new shelters  instead of stretching those funds and fixing up old ones in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel six. 

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