BURKE COUNTY, Ga. ( WJBF)- From needing to add more employees and requesting funds for safety, Sheriff Williams says the budget for his department is not enough. 

Sheriff Alfonzo Williams asking the commission to help him cover his budget, so his officers can cover the county.

“We just cannot under any circumstances afford to do without those 13 positions it would put the public safety of this community at risk we have sent that to the commission in a letter,” said Sheriff Alfonzo Williams.

Burke County leaders called for an audit of the sheriff’s office. The sheriff is focusing on the finances needed to keep that office going.

That includes 13 positions, and more safety for inmates. 

“The $2 million shortfall doesn’t cover those positions secondly, the budget doesn’t address a single dollar for the housing out of inmates.”

Williams says his office was using grant money to cover some costs but those grants have run out.

“Our community is safer, they will have significantly reduce crime in the fear of crime. We have the right partnerships and relationships. from this community, the complaints are not that we haven’t done that. Our response times are 9 to 13 minutes.” 

He also says the department has conducted several surveys to ensure the safety of inmates.