Burke County breaks ground on animal shelter


Burke County leaders break ground on an animal shelter.

The shelter will be just off of Highway 24 near the Burke County EMA headquarters.

The building alone is going to cost $800,000. It’s something the animal services director, Chaddrick Parrish is especially happy about because he says the citizens finally see physical plans.

“That was one of the things I asked when I first came in is, you know, what’s been done in the past? And, which I asked some citizens and they said that we actually want to see something get done,” says Parrish.

Now something is getting done. The ground is broken, the project is underway, and the people of Burke County are finally getting results.

County Manager, Merv Waldrop, says, “we’ve not had a place. We depended on the kindness of rescue groups in the county in the past. This will give some relief to the rescue operations, as well.”

The adoption-encouraged shelter will hold at least 60 animals.

“We have visitation rooms that they can take the animal in, socialize, before they say we want that one,” says Parrish.

It will also have quarantine rooms for pets dropped off with illnesses. Right now, animal services works closely with a local veterinarian, but they are working to get one in-house.

“We are working on getting some grants as far as spay and neuters through the state of Georgia,” says Parrish.

It’s just cats and dogs. However, Burke County is rural, and Parrish says they get a lot of calls about other livestock.

“That’s our next step is actually trying to build a location right here in the same area that we can also try to house farm animals,” says Parrish.

It is expected to be complete by next year.

“We’ve got something to rejoice over and be glad for and be thankful that we got a new gift to the community,” says Waldrop.

“Once the doors open up, we’re going to be really busy every single day. I can guarantee you that,” says Parrish.

They will start hiring hopefully by Spring. You can find out how to send in application by going to Burke County’s website and hitting the Animal Services tab.

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