AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- “ I think this is proof not only that we allow our veterans A platform to speak their truth but that that truth heard” said Robert LeHeup, Bullets and Bandaids.

Bullets and Bandaids showcases art work of veterans through paintings, and even turning  their stories into books.

“We reach out to specific veterans’ writers and artists so that we can make sure to run the gimmick of a human experience and maintain equity,” said Robert LeHeup.

 Each piece of art tells the story of a veteran who has served their country. Marjorie Huwa is a veteran and painter. This will be her first time participating in the art show.

“So he gave me one that was virtually like a biography of the veteran and so I interpreted all the little pieces of his bio and put it together I didn’t want to do a figurative portrait so it’s a symbolic portrait,” said Marjorie Huwa, Artist.

LeHeup says as a veteran himself who experienced a lot while serving, he wants Bullets and Bandaids to be therapeutic for others.

“And once I realized not only that I felt healing from having  written it down there was another level of healing that happened once I realized that it had been heard and after that I thought why not bring this to everyone,” said LeHeup.

The art show is taking place again February 23rd, at Sacred Heart Cultural Center from 5p.m. until 9p.m.