AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — The renaming of a new pedestrian bridge has some ready to go to battle.

“We want to make sure our position is heard, and we’re determined to fight for our position under the law,” said Carl Mixon, of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Last week, a commission committee recommended renaming the 5th Street Bridge, Freedom Bridge, and removing the half dozen signs on it recognizing Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

“Whether it was the South, or whether it was North, or whether it was slaves themselves, what they had in common was they all were aspiring for freedom,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

But opponents say commissioners are not free to remove the Davis plaques from the bridge. 

“We believe that is a violation of state law and we will, through our attorney Martin O’Toole, will take action,” said Mixon.

Mixon is one of seven signed up to speak to commissioners Tuesday about the bridge, most in opposition, but supporters saying they’re not surprised.

“I expected some push back, I think it’s a different animal in terms of it being decommissioned, we just put $11.5 million in it, I just think it makes good sense at the end of the day, but I anticipated some pushback, absolutely,” said Commissioner Hasan. 

The new pedestrian bridge is seeing visitors but not everyone supports taking the step to rename it.