Boys and Girls Club of the CSRA kicks off feeding program


The Boys and Girls club of the CSRA launched its feeding program this week.Ten sites and 1000 meals a day are provided by this at risk after school feeding program. We spoke to the food program manager who tells us why this program is important. 

“It’s great. y’know this is an at risk after school feeding program.So some kids unfortunately get to eat at school and not get to eat a nutritious meal at home and so we’re able to offer them that,” says Travis Heflin.

Once off the school bus kids receive a nutritional snack like an apple and pretzels.The kids have different snacks everyday. Dinner is then served at 5:30, with meals pre-planned for the month. The kitchen manager tells us her trick is knowing what the kids like.

“You can watch the trash can and figure out what’s they favorite meal or not.So basically I’m trying to get them to eat more healthier and good in the same manner.”

There are a set of nutritional guidelines and rules the program has to follow,they make an expected amount of meals. Once every kid received their first plate, they are allowed to come back for seconds if available. 

“Out of all the culinary jobs that I have this one is the most beneficial,” says Christina Taliaferro.

And at this Hagler location their only goal is to feed everyone as best as they can.

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