Border Bash 2018 kicking off at the Augusta Common

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It’s that time of year again…the clash between the two-state. Georgia and South Carolina’s football teams hit the field Saturday in Columbia, but Friday night, fans are partying at the state line. 

This is the 25th anniversary of Border Bash.

Last year the event was over in North Augusta, this year it’s back at the Augusta Common, downtown.

Organizers shared with us why this is more than just a big party. 

Vendor Virginia Cason is glad it’s back in the garden city. 

“Probably my 10th year. This is just beautiful. Last year was too much dirt,” says Cason.

And she’s expecting a big crowd.

“Because of how well Georgia did last year.”

What do most people buy? What are they looking for when they come? 

A deal!”

Gluestick Music owner Joe Stevenson and his wife Emily organize the event. 

“A little bit of everything except football,” says Stevenson.

And the fun gets rowdier as the night goes on.

“It’s really family friendly especially in the early hours,” says Stevenson. “The cheerleaders are here taking pictures, signing autographs, doing all that and then as the night goes on it turns into the big party.” 

It’s more than just a big party.

“Raised over $900,000 for local children’s charities. You know we want to celebrate that. What people don’t quite realize with Border Bash is it is a fundraiser. It’s just an awesome, fun fundraiser,” says Stevenson.

He lists just some of the charities Border Bash has helped in the past.

“Child Enrichment, Ronald McDonald House, 12 Bands of Christmas. Basically anything that’s dealing with bettering the lives of children in our community.”

Their board of directors handles grant requests and the process to decide where the money goes. 

“And they have a great thing, it’s the Bulldog Club and the Gamecock Club. They all work together and so really they get the credit for doing this thing. I just get to be lucky and do the interviews,” says Stevenson. 

A great cause…and lots of fun. 

Border Bash goes until 10:30 p.m. so bring the family, grab some food and listen to some live music at the Augusta Common.

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