JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) — A bond hearing took place Tuesday morning for 10 Jefferson County High School Students.  

With parents in attendance at the Jefferson County Jail, a judge set bonds for ten students allegedly involved in a brawl at Jefferson County High School.

All ten students have been charged with affray and disruption of school property. One of the students has also been charged with battery.

Bond was set at $1,500 dollars for each charge. All ten students have now been released on bond.

Jefferson County Sheriff Gary Hutchins is urging people in the community to remain calm during the investigation.

“Well, I just ask the parents to be supportive and find out the facts, see what the evidence is,” said Hutchins. “Make sure. Just don’t complain and criticize the school system or law enforcement. Just be positive and we can work together and make things better.”

He says an investigation is ongoing and investigators do not know the motives for the altercation.

Sheriff Hutchins also says he is committed to doing his best to ensure a safe environment in the school system.

“We’re not here to put people in jail. We’re here to help the ones that made a mistake so they can turn their lives around,” said Hutchins. 

Parents we spoke to off camera expressed their concern for their children. One of the parents said that he and his wife just wanted their baby back. 

The students will also face discipline from the school system.

“What the boys will face from the educational side is a tribunal,” said Dr. Samuel Dasher, Jefferson County Superintendent. “And tribunals have not been set yet, but they will be set. Parents will be contacted. And, then, an educational decision for the consequences will be passed down from the tribunal panel- separate from whatever happens with law enforcement.”

“I think it’s [in] the best interest of the school, and for us too, and the parents- is that we are gonna take care of business,” said Sheriff Hutchins. “And we are gonna bring them and don’t need to pat them on the hand and then send them back.”

Leaders in the area are planning a community outreach meeting to discuss the need for improvements and support.