Body found in car in Savannah River identified


UPDATE: The man who was found in a car underwater in the Savannah River was never reported missing, but there was an active warrant for his arrest. 

Neighbors like Jan Scholer were surprised when crews pulled a BMW out of the water on Saturday.

“It was a nice car and it’d been in the water for about 2 months and if they hadn’t lowered the water, like they did last week, they probably would have not seen it. Could have been a long time,” Scholer says. 

Past court records show Howard W. Oldfieldwas charged with criminal attempt to commit murder in 2009. He plead “not guily by insanity.”

A court entry from August 2018 shows a judge granted Oldfield conditional release. 3 months later, in November 2018, a warrant was issued for Oldfield’s arrest when he violated the terms of his release. 

There is still little information to suggest how his car ended up in the water. Authorities belive the car entered the Savannah River from the boat ramp on Hammonds Ferry Rd. and then drifted downstream. 

Court records show Oldfield leaves behind family, but the exact relationship is unclear. 

UPDATE: The body found inside a car recovered from the Savannah River, Friday, has been identified.

Aiken County Deputy Coroner Darryl M. Ables identified the body as 50-year-old Howard W. Oldfield of Evans.

His cause of death was determined to be drowning.

No fould play is suspected.

Investigators believe the car had been in the river since December.

Original article below:

A body has been found inside a car recovered from the Savannah River, Friday.

Investigators say the car reportedly went into the river near Campbell Town Landing in North Augusta.

SC DNR divers are assisting North Augusta Public Safety with the recovery.

We’re also told the Coroner is at the scene.

Investigators tell us the car was not reported stolen and the man is not reported missing.

A cause of death has not been determined.

No foul play is suspected.

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